How to sell your house fast


Spring has sprung and there is no better time to sell your home!  In order to start building our home we had to sell our previous house.  We listed our previous house on May 5th  and it was sold (and we were moved out) on June 23rd!  We sold our house quick and without a real estate agent!  I have put together some tips on how we sold our house fast whether you are currently listed or planning on listing my advice can and will help you sell.  Keep in mind that you want your house to appeal to the buyer, not yourself, you want the buyer to walk in and be able to envision themselves actually making your house theirs.

  1. Declutter (remove all unnecessary objects, everything should have a purpose)
  2. Update (Kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
  3. Use neutral paint colors (think light greys, greige, beige)
  4. Eliminate personal items (photos, children’s artwork, etc.)
  5. Have curb appeal (tidy up your yard and landscaping, this is their first impression of your home)
  6. Maintain your house (fix things that are broken, and keep up with everything else)
  7. Stage your home (make your home inviting for the buyer)
  8. Deep clean (clean places/objects that you don’t clean on a daily basis)
  9. Clean daily (you want to be able to show it at any time)
  10. Sell by owner first (Make brochures & post online)
  11. Price to sell (know your comps and your home value)
  12. Take good pictures (try every angle until your room looks large and roomy)
  13. When showing your house remove pets, pet bowls and litter boxes (pets will be a distraction for the buyer)

Below I have explained each tip and how I sold our  house so fast:

  1. Declutter: I decluttered and organized every room and every closet (I also cleaned cabinets, the refrigerator, my desk, etc.) My house had absolutely no clutter!  I either donated or found a place for the clutter.  Make sure to declutter your walls as well, less is more with artwork.
  2. Update: My husband and I did a lot of updating to our house!  Together we installed granite, installed a tile backsplash in the kitchen, refinished our hardwood floors, built a new mantle with marble tile and added an outlet so that all wires were hidden, installed an updated tile around the whirlpool tub, refinished faucets and knobs in the master bathroom (we did oil rubbed bronze), added new hardware and faucets in the kitchen and living room,, added ceiling fans, pulled wires for surround sound throughout the house, built a recess wall around the sidewalk, purchased a new HVAC unit, painted the entire house, added wainscoting and new trim, built new columns at the front door, and planted new shrubs outside (keep in mind this occurred over five years but I recommend giving your house a facelift so that it is up-to-date)
  3. Use neutral paint colors: We painted our entire house light grey but only used two paint colors total (one was very light and the other was just a shade darker).  We stayed closer to the green hue rather than the blue hues for a more earthy and modern look.
  4. Eliminate personal items: I left very few pictures of our family up and replaced them with paintings, landscape photos and things that helped stage the home so that when the buyer walked in they could have the chance to imagine where they would place their photos or artwork.  I took my daughters masterpieces down as well (long enough to show the house).
  5. Have curb appeal: Curb appeal is very important, the exterior of your home is the buyers first impression so it needs be its best!  I pulled weeds frequently, trimmed shrubs and trees, pressure washed the house along with the concrete (sidewalks, patio, driveway and garage floor), cleaned windows (inside and outside), kept the yard mowed (but mowed on the highest level so it would be thicker and greener), freshened the mulch in the landscape, added a few shrubs and plants, added new plants to my planters, painted the siding that had chips in the paint, and kept the exterior clean and tidy.
  6. Maintain your house: To maintain we fixed everything that needed fixed (which included a new HVAC system and clean filters when needed, cleaned and repaired the water heater) and maintained everything that needed to be maintained (replaced light bulbs, filled holes in walls and repainted, unclogged drains, fixed scratches on the hardwood, etc.).
  7. Stage your home: I Placed furniture where it looked best, added artwork (making sure not to clutter the walls) added plants and flowers (inside and out), bought new bedding & accent pillows, and updated for a modern and clutter-free home.
  8. Deep clean: This includes washing baseboards, wiping cabinets (inside and out), cleaning windows (inside and out), cleaning blinds, washing drapes, cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the oven (inside and out), cleaning the dishwasher (inside and out), cleaning the jets in the Jacuzzi (I ran bleach water through the jets then rinsed by running water through them the second time), remove any soap scum, dust everything (ceiling fans, shelves, furniture, etc.), pressure wash (exterior of house, patio, sidewalk, driveway, garage floor), wipe off lights (interior and exterior), steam clean carpet, and remove lint from your dryer vent.
  9. Clean daily: Cleaning daily includes sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, wiping countertops & sinks, cleaning toilets, keeping up with the laundry & dishes, making the beds and straightening up. Also, make sure that your house smells good (clean scents rather than food scents) use candles, Febreeze, warmers, etc.
  10. Sell by owner first: We decided to try to sell by owner before we listed with a real estate agent and to our surprise we sold it (and quick)!  We posted our home on and made brochures that were placed in a plastic box on our “for sale” sign in our front yard.
  11. Price to sell: To price your house accurately you must know your home value and know what your comps (comparables) are.  You will need to do a little research for this, you simply view your local MLS (multiple listing service) and Zillow to find houses that are around the same square footage and in your neighborhood or a nearby neighborhood (currently listed and previously sold).  Your home may be worth more or less depending on the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and amount of updating that has been complete.  For example, our comp was a home in a nearby neighborhood that was one more bedroom but less square footage, laminate countertops, and builder grade materials so we listed ours a little higher because our house was updated with granite, marble, slate, hardwood floors, wainscoting, Hardie-board siding, taller ceilings, etc.  We also knew our appraised value (before we refinished our master bath) so that information also helped us to decide our list price.
  12. Take good pictures: I took a lot of pictures and deleted most of them.  I tried every angle, at different times of the day (lighting), used lights inside when needed, stood outside of the door so I could get the whole room in the picture (without the door trim), took pictures at a lower level to show off the height of the ceilings and made sure each room was squeaky clean.
  13. When showing your house remove pets, pet bowls and litter boxes: When you are showing your house to a potential buyer the last thing they want is to be distracted/bothered/attacked by your pet, they want to be able to focus on the house and not your family pet.  By removing the pet bowl, you will eliminate just a little more clutter and litter boxes are stinky (even when you clean it daily- believe me, I have two felines) so either remove them or hide them until the showing is over.