Sleeping habits


Babies (newborns) sleep a lot however they don’t sleep long and wake up frequently.  My daughter woke up around every three hours throughout the night for milk and a diaper change, I remember thinking to my sleep deprived self “I can’t wait to get a full night’s sleep.”  Although I loved the bonding experience we had during those precious moments and adored our brand new baby, I do not miss the sleep deprivation!  When she was three months old there were quite a few changes, she was sleeping less and she even started to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG!!  This was not a coincidence however, my secret was creating a schedule/routine and baby cereal!  Throughout the day her schedule was:

Three-month schedule:

8:00am- Wake up, milk

9:00am- Naptime

12:00pm- Milk

3:00pm- Milk then naptime #2

6:00pm- Milk

8:00pm- Last bottle w/cereal (I warmed this one up in the bottle warmer). When I first started I didn’t add that much maybe around 1 tbsp. per 4 oz., I gradually increased the cereal up to 1 tbsp. per 2 oz. of milk.  You will need a nipple for baby cereal, we used avent bottles and the cereal nipples are available at any local grocery store, they also have a flow level *Make sure to start with the LOWEST flow level*.  After her warm bottle we would read a book and say her prayer.  She would fall asleep and stay asleep until the next morning 🙂 At this point she slept in a bassinet right beside our bed.

We have stuck to this schedule since then (with a few changes of course) At around one year you can give your baby a snack at bedtime instead of the cereal.

Seventeenth month schedule:

8:00am- Wake up

9:00am- Breakfast & sippy cup (10 oz. of milk) *Your child may or may not drink all of the milk but I always make sure it is available in case she wants it.  They will stop drinking when they are full ? & brush teeth

12:00pm- Lunchtime & sippy cup (10 oz. of liquid)

1:00pm- Naptime (usually around a two-hour nap)

3:00pm- Snack & sippy cup (10 oz. of liquid)

6:00pm- Dinner & sippy cup (10 oz. of liquid)

8:00pm- Snack & sippy cup (10 oz. milk) brush teeth, read a book, prayer and bedtime

Depending on the day she may or may not take a morning nap around 10:00 am (especially while teething, sick or going through a growth spurt).  I lay her down when she is sleepy unless we’re getting close to bedtime then we try to hold off until it’s time for bed however she usually is good until her naptime.  This schedule has worked very well for us however every child is different!  I highly recommend having a schedule or routine of some sort, it makes it easier for both children and their parents 🙂

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