Bottle to sippy cup

Transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup was a difficult time for my little one, I first tried the “cold turkey” method that failed miserably (my daughter flat out refused the sippy cup).  Most parents are now starting the transition when their child turns one for many reasons (preventing tooth decay, preventing obesity, preventing ear infections, to improve their develop, etc.).  Once my first plan failed I decided to go back to the bottle and to create a new plan while making sure she was getting enough liquid..  I spent many hours reading and trying to figure out what technique was best for my little one.  While some children transition easily it was not easy for my little one.  My daughter refused in a big way (tantrums, throwing the sippy cup, etc.) and it was very hard for us both!  I ended up buying every sippy cup that Walmart had to offer (she ended up liking the NUK brand sippy cup).  Below is a list of recommendations from my experiences of transitioning from the bottle to the sippy cup:

  1. Buy a variety of sippy cups (this will help you find out what sippy cup your child likes best)
  2. Offer the sippy cup first (if your child refuses the sippy let them have the bottle to make sure they are getting plenty of fluids) this is especially important in the morning!
  3. Show your child how to use the sippy cup and encourage them to use it
  4. Pretend to drink from the sippy cup yourself (my child loves to do what I do so this helped a lot)
  5. Fill the sippy cup with a liquid your child likes (milk, water, juice *I do half juice & half water)
  6. Try, try, try again (never give up, they will transition when they are ready)
  7. Eventually your little one will be drinking from the sippy cup all day and only have a bottle at night (my daughter actually refused her night-time bottle and that’s when we said bye to the bottle for good)

*My daughter was 17 months old when we said bye-bye to the bottle (a little late I know) but she finally did it!  Keep in mind that every child is different and if the transition is easy that’s great but it’s not always easy, if you are having a difficult time just have a little faith and know that you can and will get through it!  Good luck 🙂