The Best Cleaning Products that Work


This page contains affiliate sites.  I would not recommend a product that I didn’t use or love myself!

Scrub Daddy: 

I love my scrub daddy!  The scrub daddy is one of my favorite cleaning products! When they are warm they are soft yet are still able to clean a dirty plate in a jiffy with little scrubbing and when they are cold they are hard and are able to scrub abrasively.  Scrub daddy can not only be used for washing dishes but also cleaning around the house, scrubbing veggies (great for scrubbing potatoes) and cleaning things outdoors.  The scrub daddy can last around 3 months in addition to not getting an odor, they are amazing!  In conclusion, I highly recommend the scrub daddy!

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Bissell Crosswave

My husband recently bought me this jewel for Christmas (thanks babe) and I love it!  This is a vacuum AND mop.  Seriously, it does BOTH at THE SAME TIME!  You can use it for hardwood AND carpet too!  The crosswave scrubs for you and leaves your hardwood floors looking amazing and saves me so much time!  It comes with a cleaning solution but the most noteworthy fact is that I can just use water in it (yay, no harsh chemicals).  The vacuum has a very good suction and the mop doesn’t leave streaks, a weird film or track!  I promise you will love it as much as I do!  Because of its time saving qualities I highly recommend this product!

Buy a Bissell Crosswave here:


Scotch-Bright heavy duty scour pads

I use these scrubbing pads for my shower (along with my homemade soap scum cleaner) and they work wonders!  You can also use them in other places throughout the house (like your oven, cooktop, or dirty dishes with stuck on foods. Because this little pad works so well I recommend this product!

Buy scotch-bright pad here:

Bona Hardwood cleaner

I use the Bona for small spills around the house when the rest of my house is clean (we have spills daily).  It leaves my floors looking amazing and doesn’t streak.  It is a lot like a swiffer but instead of buying refills you simply toss the pad in the washing machine and reuse it.  The cleaner doesn’t leave a nasty film on my very dark hardwood floors like many other cleaners do.  In conclusion, I love the Bona even though I have a new vacuum/mop I will always keep the Bona within reach for the next mess!

Buy a Bona hardwood cleaner here:


Swiffer duster

The swiffer duster is the ONLY way to dust because when you use a swiffer duster it really does lock in the dirt!  It is easier than using a rag and doesn’t MOVE dust around like most dusters do.  Once you are finished you can toss your dust (pad) in the trash and be done (no more shaking or beating). As a result, I highly recommend this product!

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Clorox toilet wand

This is the handiest tool to have in your bathroom!  The toilet wand is a lot cleaner than the normal toilet brush and doesn’t take up as much space.  You can actually put this gadget ON your toilet instead of having a dirty toilet brush sitting around.  To use it you put a refill cleaning pad on it, scrub the dirty toilet, push a button to release the pad and flush it (yes, it IS that simple).  Therefore, I recommend this product 🙂

Buy a Clorox toilet wand here:

Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers are amazing!  If you haven’t tried a magic eraser yet you need to because they will clean ANYTHING off a surface!  I have used magic erasers for: crayon removal off walls, shoe marks on doors, the kitchen sink, grubby toys, siding on the house, marks on the floor, chalk removal on walls, wheels on vehicles and MUCH more.  Seriously I haven’t had a surface that they can’t clean so far!  Furthermore, I highly recommend this product!

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