Burning calories at home!


What if I told you that I lost 44 pounds (and counting) without stepping in a gym?  Being a stay at home mommy keeps me very busy (I literally don’t stop from the moment I wake up until the moment I lay down at night) taking care of my little one and doing things that need to be done on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to visit a gym, therefore I figured out ways to burn calories at home.  As long as you’re active and in motion you are burning calories whether you are sweating or not…  If you are sweating, chances are you are burning more calories but if you stay active throughout the day the calories that you burn will add up.  Some ways that I burn calories are:

  1. Vacuuming (around 170 calories per hour)
  2. Laundry (around 39 calories per LOAD)
  3. Handwashing dishes (around 88 calories per hour)
  4. Cleaning windows (around 136 calories per hour)
  5. Mopping (around 200 calories per hour)
  6. Cleaning the bathroom (around 246 calories per hour)
  7. Walking (brisk-246, slow-160 per hour)
  8. Climbing steps (around 258 calories per HALF hour)
  9. Gardening (around 287 calories per hour)
  10. Raking leaves (around 229 calories per hour)
  11. Shoveling snow (around 344 calories per hour)
  12. Dancing (between 172-418 calories per hour)
  13. Joining playtime with your child (172 calories per hour)
  14. Cooking (102 calories per hour)
  15. Making beds (68 calories per hour)
  16. De-cluttering (around 246 calories per hour)
  17. Workout videos (depends on the workout)

The calories that you burn also depend on your current weight (heavier individuals burn more calories).  Your youngster can also join during your cleaning routines/chores (if age appropriate) they will learn valuable lessons that may hopefully follow them into their adulthood.  My daughter loves to help vacuum and do laundry so far but I’m sure she will eventually help with all of the daily chores 🙂

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